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In the absence of legislation which allows for the setting of regional minimum wages or of minimum wages applicable only to public contracts, a local authority cannot safely require tenderers to pay workers a wage exceeding that level when performing the contract. Full details of the book are as follows: A Sanchez-Graells ed , Hart, 2018. Salvatorelli, avvocato dello Stato, — the Austrian Government, by M.

It is surprising that RegioPost does not engage in this three-step analysis because it had been used in Ruffert and Bundesdruckerei. When can a contracting authority impose minimum wage special conditions on businesses tendering for public contracts? This is a very controversial judgment and has been heavily criticised. The Trade register entry was last updated on Dec 10, 2018.

HB - Schneider, Rechtsanwälte, — the German Government, by T. They may, in particular, be intended to favour on-site vocational training, the employment of people experiencing particular difficulty in achieving integration, the fight against unemployment or the protection of the environment.

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Nathalie Verschelde (DG Regio): Vision on the future of cross-border cooperation.
Bay Larsen, President of the Third Chamber, acting as President of the Fourth Chamber, J. Vogtland-Anzeiger Geschäftsführungs-GmbH has its registered office in Chemnitz, Germany. You can support the site by stickers, papers, books, pdf, images and other items or financially using the PayPal button below. Of these proposals, the rules concerning subcontract chains, including those that foresee the posting of workers, can have significant effects. Contractors may be expected to meet other or further requirements only if federal law or the laws of a Land provide for this. In this regard, according to the case-law of the Court, the imposition, under national legislation, of a minimum wage on tenderers and their subcontractors, if any, established in a Member State other than that of the contracting authority and in which minimum rates of pay are lower constitutes an additional economic burden that may prohibit, impede or render less attractive the provision of their services in the host Member State. It does not deal specifically with living wages but the argument can be made in light of fair trade coffee. The Trade register entry was last updated on Jan 16, 2019. Fair trade includes, amongst other things, the payment of wage premia to producers—this creates a problem if a contracting authority can do it in a third jurisdiction, but not in its own jurisdiction. Used this way, it crowds out political considerations because the law starts covering it all. Always up-to-date and immediately available.